Thursday, 21 February 2008

More A to Z of my Home

I spy with my little eye,
nothing begining with "I"

I have looked and looked but all I came up with was -

ice (only have it in the freezer),

idea (have lots of them but they are a bit hard to photograph),

infant (my boys are getting to big to pass that one off),

insane (yep thats me sometimes), oh i've got it, what about

igloo (no don't see to many of them around during an Australian summer)

Oh I give up!

Here are just some random photos from around the house I thought that you might like.

"Love is a celestial harmony of likely hearts." - Spenser

Isn't this sign sweet, it is hanging in our hallway.

This poster was given to me as a gift from a friend at my 21st Birthday it is titled "the railway children", it hangs in my bedroom.

These gorgeous cups where given to me by my wonderful mother-in-law when they downsized from their house to their unit on the beach.
And lastly this little guy sits at my front door, doesn't he look like he is smiling just at you, I hope he has put a smile on your face like he does mine. (If you look closely enough he might even give you a cheeky wink.) Hope you have a wonderful day.


A Romantic Porch said...

Thank you so much for dropping by my porch, what a treat. I hope you will feel free to drop by again real soon. And, did I understand that it is summer in Australia?!!! Just wait til you see what I put on my blog today! BRRR it's cold here! I will enjoy visiting your blog. Your pictures are so crisp and colorful! Talk to you soon! Love,Rachel

Amy said...

Hi Linda,
Thank you so much for visiting me. It is wonderful to hear from someone so far away. I love the little teddy by your front door. How cute is he? Just charming! Amy

Beth Leintz said...

What sweet sweet pictures- and I love your children's mugs. I have a little collection of them and they always make me smile.

claudia said...

Hi Linda! It was so nice to visit your blog and posts this morning and have a look at your beautiful home so far away! ..I've enjoyed the view so much and your A to Z too... what a neat idea! ..thank you for stopping by mine and I'll be back to see you!! I just saw that birdhouse bling contest last night.. might try something for that! Have a wonderful day! claudia @ rockspringcottage

Anonymous said...

What?? No igloo? Maybe that can be your next project!! LOL.
Thanks for stopping by and letting me know you're here- I'll be back (I'll be the one bringing the big pallet of ice!)

CIELO said...

Pretty! Have a nice day!


kari and kijsa said...

What a wonderful many things to see...we laughed at the igloo comment as we sit here in KY in the ice and snow...and it is summer there!

...thank you, thank you, thank much for your sweet, wonderful words on my birthday post!

You made my day!

smiles, kari (& kijsa)

Jessica said...

What a cozy home! : )