Tuesday, 29 April 2008

What I have been up to and the letter K

Well I can't believe how long it has been since my last post. I thought that when I gave up my second job I would have more time on my hands, now I am wondering where I ever found the time to go to work. I have been so busy repainting my lounge room, cleaning up the vegie garden, making a scrapbook for my father in laws 60th and making this for a family members daughters christening.
So here is K finally which is for -
Kitchen, well it is really the kitchen and the family room combined. I love the colours in these rooms they are so bright, cheery and fun (Ok so it might be a bit too bright and cheery for some but we love it.) A couple of years ago these two rooms were very traditional country dark green and burgundy, but then I found this in a store I knew it was perfect for us as Paul and the boys like to collect model cars, it sparked a whole new look.

This glass roseball (sorry the photo is fuzzy but since it is made out of glass it is hard to photograph) was Paul's grandmothers it gave me the inspiration to use red roses in here

like this -

I found this print at one of our local discount warehouses, the colours are just perfect for this room and I love the way the down light highlights it at night.

This rack was from the previous traditional country makeover, I just painted it white and found some red pots.
I do love scrapbooking but I also love to hang photos on the walls that way you get to see them every day.

This was one of my latest finds, doesn't Betty Boop just fit in perfectly. My in laws are going to the States in a couple of months and they are going to see if they can find something to go on the opposite side can't wait to see what they find.

Although the kitchen bench, cupboards and appliances all need replacing and there are still some things that are unfinished I can't help but be happy in here.


Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The A to Z of my home

For those of you that I have only just recently met, I thought that showing on my blog an A to Z of my favourite things around my home would be a great way of introducing myself since I am only new to blogging. The last few weeks I have gotten a bit side tracked due to some lovely craft challenges and tags. So I thought that today I will continue now I think I was up to J. Here is a quick recap so far (there are more photos on the posting for that item).

A is for Army

B is for Bone China

C is for Chandelier

D is for Dolls house

E is for Elvis

F is for Football

G is for Garden

H is for Hall stand

Now today's letter is J (another hard letter to find something of)

Which is for Jewelry Stand this was the only thing that I could find in my home starting with J I'm sure now that I have posted I will find others.

My Mother in law bought this for me a few years ago for Christmas, I just love the colours in it. You now see these stands everywhere but at the time it was purchased they were hard to come by, when my mother in law saw this one she knew straight away I would love it. It holds my wedding jewelry on my duchess.


Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Show us your favourite dolls

Lori from Faerie Window is having a show off your favourite dolls day today, unfortunately I don't have too many girly dolls, having a house full of boys it didn't seem right to have a doll collection on display who knows what the boys might get up to with them, so I thought that I might share with you a couple that I do have.

This one I only received this past Christmas it came from my two lovely nieces. I may not have girls but I do have 4 nieces who I love buying very girly things for. My sisters two daughters spotted this lovely doll who's name happens to be Linda and promptly told their Mum that they had to buy it for me. How cute is that! I love it! It is so special to me knowing that it is from my beautiful nieces.

Now this second one is also very special, she needs a lot of TLC at the moment, when I find the right person to do it I will get her fixed. This beautiful doll is my Mums. My Mum was born in the Netherlands at the time of WWII. When Mum was 11 the family decided to leave their homeland and move to New Zealand, Mum and her 2 brothers and sister where told that they had to leave everything behind and only take one toy with them, this is what Mum brought with her. Mum said that she still has the original dress for her in storage. I just love the look on her sweet face and to know that my Mum loved her that much to travel halfway around the world with her is just wonderful.
If you would like to see more wonderful favourite dolls just visit Lori for the list of blogs participating.

Ok now for those of you that read my previous post and were wondering which random and weird fact was not true it is no 5. Although my son, my younger sister and brother all do have this problem I am glad to say that I don't, actually I have never passed out or fainted before in my life.

Oh and if you have been reading the A to Z of my home I know that I have gotten a little side tracked the last few posts but I will continue next post, so until then .............


Thursday, 3 April 2008

7 weird facts and some words of wisdom

I apologise now for the long post with lots of reading.

I have been tagged twice once by Deb @ Posted from Home to do a six word meme and also by Kris @ Tag along Teddies to do a 7 weird and random facts about myself. I enjoy reading these when other people have been tagged as you can learn so much about a person from them and sometimes they will surprise you.

First my six word meme. These are the rules -

1. Write your own six (6) word memoir.
2. Post it on your blog with a visual illustration, if you like.
3. Link to the person who tagged you in your post and to the original post if possible, so we can track it as it travels through the blogosphere.
4. Tag 5 more blogs with links.
5. Remember to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.

My meme is something that I try to teach my boys.

Respect everyone, respect nature, respect yourself

I figure if my boys follow these simple rules they will hopefully lead a rewarding and fruitful life.

Now for this I hate only having to pick only 5 so I tag Kris ha I got you back, Jessica, Gail, Mandii and Katrina

Now to my 7 weird and random facts about myself, I had a hard time trying to come up with some that were not too scary. This is what I came up with -

  1. I can't do more then one thing at a time, I know that this is something that women are suppose to be able to do, but I'm afraid sometimes if I even try, I could do myself or someone else some serious damage, and the thing that is even weirder about this is that my husband Paul can do more then one thing at a time and doesn't he let me know about it LOL.

  2. If your into star signs here's one for you, I'm about as Gemini as they come, true split personality straight down the middle, depending on what mood I am in in the morning as to which Linda appears that day good Linda or bad bad Linda. I'm also a bit of a gypsy, if it wasn't for Paul and the boys I'm sure I would of lived in 50 different countries by now always on the move, love change.

  3. Ears - did you know that there are two different types of ears, attached lobes and unattached lobes normally people only have one or the other, but no not me, I have one of each, I had my science teacher in high school stumped by this one, we were suppose to put classmates in groups according to eye colour, hair colour, ears etc, well I was just in a group of my own wasn't I. You are all going to be checking out every ones earlobes now to see what I'm talking about aren't you?

  4. Coffee - I hate it can't even stand the smell of it, I might have a hot chocolate but even then the weather has to be cold, I don't get the whole hot drinks in hot weather thing. When people come over they normally have to make their own coffee or Paul will make it for them.

  5. Speaking of hot drinks I also can't drink anything too cold or else I will blackout, it is a trait that runs in my family I discovered my eldest son has it too a couple of years ago when he had a cold drink of milk had a fit and passed out, the problem was he was on the tiled floor at the time. I won't gross you out too much about the details but there was lots of blood, an ambulance, stitches and observation in hospital involved.

  6. I hate getting dressed and no I'm not a nudest I do actually like wearing clothes I just hate the act of getting dressed and undressed then dressed again, I always have even when I was younger just ask my Mum, that's why when I shop for clothes most of the time I won't try things on just buy them off the rack and if they don't fit I just take them back.

  7. Growing up I was the eldest child in a family of five I have a younger sister and brother, but over the cause of the past ten years I have been downgraded, OK so I knew about Dads previous family of four kids but I didn't know about the other son on my Dads side which is fine but a bit of a shock so I made a point of asking Dad is there any more, to which he replied no, but I never even thought to ask my Mum, so two years ago I found out I had another brother shock shock, I'm fine with it all I have discovered two more awesome brothers but now instead of being the eldest I'm 7th!

Ok that is my 7 weird and random facts the thing is there is a catch only 6 of these are true can you guess which one is not!

Now I'm suppose to tag 7 people, most people I know have already been tagged with this one so if you haven't and would like to play along consider yourself tagged.