Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Enough is enough

I know that I said in my last post that I will soon post about my renovations and what has been happening around here over the last 16 months. At the moment I have put all that on hold. I don't know how much has been televised in other states of Australia or overseas but our beautiful normally sunny state of Queensland is in a crises at the moment, not only has 80% of our state been flooded we now have category 5 cyclone Yasi heading towards our shores due to hit tonight.

Lucky for me I am nowhere near where the cyclone is to hit but my heart is heavy with concern for the people further north of me. I am so proud of my state and the people who live here after seeing the Queensland spirit for myself the other week when cleaning up Paul's Grandfathers house after the floods in Brisbane a couple of weeks ago. Even though we were covered in mud horrified by the huge piles of peoples belongings placed out on the footpath to be thrown away, you could feel the determination of everyone to work together and to get the place cleaned up and life back to normal again.

After having a horrible 2010 myself I was looking forward to starting new in 2011 now I don't know what to think life is pretty crazy here at the moment.
I didn't mean for this to be a long post so I will leave it there, but before I do I found this picture on the internet that sums up the Aussie spirit.

Please stay safe everyone who has chosen to stay in FNQ my prayers and thoughts are with you all, and as our Premier Anna Bligh said about the recent floods they may break our hearts but they will not break our spirit.


Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Well hello all yes I know it has been a long while.

Yes well 16 months to be exact and no I have not forgotten about the blogging world in fact I have missed it a lot but I have had a couple of life changing experiences in the last 16 months that have needed my full attention. I am not one who likes to publicly talk about ones personal life and that is not the reason why I set up this blog in the first place but lets just say that my life is now back on track and things are looking very rosey indeed.

This year I turn 40 which is pretty scary but I plan to make the most of this year I even have a 40 things to do list that I want to finish before the end of the year. This year will be MY year and I plan to enjoy it to the max.

Last post I mentioned a bit of renovating that I had planned well most of it is now complete although it never all went to plan but I will show you the finished results soon.

Lastly I have a lot of catching up to do with everyone and I plan to give this blog a bit of a makeover too so hopefully you will hear from me again very soon.