Monday, 18 February 2008

Bling your birdhouse

The following is an excerpt from Karla's blog about the Bling your birdhouse challenge.

Celebrate Spring with Beth and Karla for their
“Bling your Birdhouse” Challenge!
(Other wise known as “What do you LOVE about your birdie’s home?”)
This is a SELF-linking and SELF-swapping challenge.
Show photos on your blog of a birdhouse you have embellished, in any way your artistic heart desires. If you aren’t an artist, you can share pictures of your favorite bird’s happy home.
Leave a comment with Beth or Karla (or both) on THURSDAY MARCH 27TH. Both artists will be showing their own blingy birdhouses that day. This is where the “self linking” comes in. Make sure that your URL is in the comment so everyone can come to visit and admire your birdie’s home after reading your comment.
If you want to buy/sell/or trade your creation with another artist, make sure you include that info in your post. This is where the “self swapping” comes in. If you are up for a swap, want to sell the house, or simply want to keep and enjoy it yourself, let everyone know.
Want some help with ideas for birdhouse décor? Bling kits will be for sale at Karla’s
Etsy Shop and at Beth’s too. They will be filled with fun vintage touches to make your bird’s abode something really special.
And for a tutorial before the big day, join Karla on her blog Monday February 25TH. She’ll take you through the steps on a couple of different birdhouse styles. Also check out Beth’s blog posting
HERE for photos of a Shabby Chic neighborhood she has designed for her feathered friends.

I was hoping to join in on this challenge as I have many ideas about what I was going to do but so far I have been unable to track down any wooden or even paper mache birdhouses in my area, they just don't seem to be the in thing at the moment. I will however keep on trying.

Thank you to Karla for your help with adding the button, although a blogger account must be slightly different to a typepad account, or I am just reading all the instructions wrong.




Hi Linda!

Thanks for stopping by and for leaving me such lovely words :))
I find your blog so wonderful too, gorgeous colours in here!
Those birdhouses are really cute :)

How is the weather "Down Under"? I geard that you had rain for the first time in years? That is great!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Natasha Burns said...

Hi Linda,
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments!
I just looked up eBay and found a few birdhouses that might work for you - try this one

or you could even use a bird cage if you have a small one handy....

Hope that helps! It will be a fun day!

Siobhan said...

hi Linda, How fun! I might try to whip up a birdhouse soon myself. Cant wait to see yours! ;)

Siobhan xo