Thursday, 30 October 2008

Just a quick note

Well so much for getting back to you all last week, wow where has the time gone. I'm still busy finishing off my renovating hope to have it mostly all finished this weekend, then I can show you all the finished product.

Paul and I celebrated our wedding anniversary last week on 23rd October 15 years married, wow I don't know where all those years went either.

The last two Wednesday nights have been spent up at our oldest sons high school one night for academic awards night and the other for sports awards. The academic awards night he had to wear the formal school uniform with tucked in shirt and tie, Paul and I couldn't help but laugh along with him he looked so strange dressed like that since he is such a jock.

We are all proud of his achievements he received the Year 8 Rugby League award as well as a merit award for his B grade average (not bad for a jock).

Here are a couple of photos from my craft room which I promised (it's still not finished yet).



Louise said...

Congratulations to you both on your anniversary. You must feel very proud of your son with the achievements he has made, and how smart he looked! Your craftroom is going to be a great area to get creative in. x

Anonymous said...


I found your delightful blog while searching on line for craft teachers here in our Brisbane region and had to shop and compliment you on all the lovely things you have going on here.

My shop is All About Paper in Cleveland and we will be posting advertisements for card teachers. If you happen to know of any do pass on my contact details as I am sure you know some very creative artists.