Tuesday, 22 January 2008

The A to Z of my home

B is for Bone China. I have a house full of boys even the dog is a male. I would love to decorate the whole house in shabby chic style but it would not reflect the family who lives here. So I have had to incorporate a few different styles together to make it work. That is fine though because I can't make up my mind which I really like the best Shabby chic, Vintage, French Country or Cottage. My china cabinet though is definately shabby chic.

I put these flower lights that I bought off EBay up for christmas but I couldn't bare to take them down they are so pretty I think I will keep them up all year round.
A lot of the pieces that I have were given to me by my mother in law when she moved out of her house and into a unit. The above set was my husbands grandmothers I love the colour.

I found these plates in a secound hand store in Woodford, a quaint little country town not too far from here. The boys and I like to go out there and have devenshire tea and visit Elvis Parsley.

The photos didn't come out as good as what I was hoping for the lighting in the old dinning room is not the best at the moment for we are sometime this year going to renovate the room. We no longer need the formal dinning room it was never used because we always eat out in our more casual eating area, we weren't to sure thought what to do with this room. We have now made up our minds to convert it into a craft area and prep room for the kitchen. Hopefuly we will get around to building that later this year.


Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Hi Linda,
Thanks for leaving a message on my blog - thought I would pop on over and visit you. I love all your pretty china and the bud lights add a special touch....I wouldn't want to take then down either.

Jessi Nagy said...

Love love love all your china!!!
i too collect china, mostly tea cups and saucers. i have a few plates and other stuff too. aside from all my formal dining china. i just love all the old roses etc..

Deb said...

Hi Linda
What a great blog!
I love your amazing avery and your sweet birds & dog (we have a budgie Jax and a lab Ben). Your cupboard is gorgeous - the idea of an "A-Z of my home" post is great :-}

Annasz said...

Hey! Yuo have a amazing blog.

I`m offen will your guest here.

Greerers from Poland