Tuesday, 15 January 2008

The land of extremes

They often call Australia the land of extremes and lately we have definitely been living up to that name. On Sunday the boys had nippers (surf lifesaving) at Caloundra and it was hot, we all got sunburnt even after applying our 30+ sunscreen twice.

Today it is raining and miserable again yet apparently we are still in a drought and still have our water restrictions in place. Only 4 minutes in the shower per person per day, no hose watering on the garden buckets only and only at certain times on certain days etc etc.Well I thought I might brave the rain and slosh in the garden and get some photos for you all to enjoy.
Hope you like them



Gail McCormack said...

Hi Linda
I've just found your blog through Sandy, stunning photos and stories, hope you achieve some of your goals...specially the declutter one, I'm on that mission myself...well trying!

Deb said...

Hi Linda,
Welcome to blogland...
I am only new at this blogging too.
I found your link through Sandy's blog. Gorgeous photos.
Take Care.
Deb x

Ali said...

Hello cute Linda, I found you through my dear friend Gail. Just wanted to stop by and let you know I visited. Love the photos of the birds and the flowers. Wow, such rich colours aren't they? I am a queenslander now myself too, but further up north than you. And yes it has been scortching hot hasn't it? Ok, better keep moving, lovely to meet you hon. ox Ali