Saturday, 26 January 2008

Even more A to Z

E is for Elvis Presley. My husband has aways been a really big Elvis fan, so when we got together the fascination spread to me. Not only did I like the music but do you know how much Elvis memorabilia there is! Luckily when the kids and the house came along I no longer had the time or money to spend on the memorabilia so there is only one cupboard full and a couple of pieces here and there. When the kids were little we had lots of Elvis prints on the walls ( they have now slowly been replaced by photos of the kids), the boys use to point at them and say "Daddy!" and I use to say "I wish" (well Paul did have Elvis sideburns and his hair is the same colour). The picture above is of our front entrance way this is the first thing you see when you walk into our house, is it any wonder people call it the Elvis house?

In this cupboard there are plates, coins, stamps, a beerstyne that we picked up on our honeymoon, a watch, numberplate, belt buckles etc, I think you get the idea.

The above is the gold record that I bought for Paul for his 21st birthday, he was so surprised he had no idea what it was.

Next I would like to thank all the lovely ladies who have been leaving lovely comments on my blog. I still get really excited everytime I see a new one (I know I'm sad and need to get a life, but I am having soo much fun).
Thank you also to Deb for the help with the link to the signature although I got a bit lost at step 3 copy the code so I'm not to sure if it will work, and hopefully the above link works too, something else I have just learnt.
Also thank you to Gail for all of your kind words.

Oh and Happy Australia Day, Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi, oi.



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Deb said...

Hi Linda..
Happy Austalia Day !!
Fabulous collection of Elvis.
Bummer your signature didnt work. If you would like to email me I will tell you how.
Have a great weekend.
Take Care... Deb

Jessica said...

What a impressive collection of Elvis memorabillia!

Deb said...

Happy Australia Day!
My lab Benny was tagged to do a Meme and has passed it on to Mackie if he would like to play along :-}
Have a great weekend Linda

The French Nest said...

Hi Linda,

Happy Australia Day!! I love your collection of Elvis memrobilia, it's very impressive! And thank you so much for stopping by and wishing me a Happy Birthday!


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Elvis was a very talented person....what a voice!!

Happy Australia Day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, Ive really enjoyed reading your's & will be back very soon!! Love all your Elvis stuff too!! I used to collect Marilyn Monroe stuff.Have a Fab weekend (what's left anyways!!) mandii

Shari from Big Yellow Farmhouse said...

Hi Linda! It's great to meet another Elvis fan! You have a fantastic collection of memorabilia there. Thanks for visiting my blog on Elvis' birthday!