Thursday, 24 January 2008

More A to Z

C is for chandeliers. I love glitter, beads, flowers, anything shiny and all things girly. A couple of years ago I decided to change the style of our home from traditional country (burgundy and dark green) to more a french country/shabby chic. So the second thing I had to change (first was a lot of paint) were the light fittings, the problem was trying to find what I wanted in the stores, (we sometimes seem to be a couple of years behind all the new trends up here). There were lovely adverts for shops down in Sydney and Melbourne that had exactly what I wanted but not to many places up in our neck of the woods. So when I happened to finally find what I was looking for in Beacon Lighting I nearly jumped for joy. I know that they are not vintage and there are probably millions of the same lights throughout the country but I love them and the price was great too.
The above light was originally for the kitchen but after the electrician installed it I realized that I had a problem. My husband is 6ft tall and I have only standard height ceilings, see my problem. So I had three chooses -
  1. To find a chandelier that didn't hang down so far (I had a hard enough time finding them in the first place).
  2. To have the roof of the house lifted, but that would of been way to expensive.
  3. To find a shorter husband (hey well it wasn't a problem for me or the kids even the electrician could fit under the light)

So after much debate I decided to find a shorter husband (only joking they are too hard to train) I managed to find the below light which doesn't hang down as far. Although my husband is forever hitting the chandeliers whenever he takes his shirt off, I don't know why he is forever taking his shirt off under them.

Matching family room light below.

The light in the formal lounge room.

My personal favourite chandelier is not up at the moment, it was in the formal dinning room which we are currently renovating.


Cheers Linda


Deb said...

Your chandeliers are gorgeous Linda and thanks for the good laugh- great post :-}

Katrina Chambers said...

Hi Linda, thanks for popping over to my blog. Your comment was so funny, so I thought I better check you out LOL! I am laughing at the 'shorter husband' and 'sydney harbour bridge'. I will be back to read more!